Range Protocol Closes $3.75M Seed Funding Round Co-Led by HashKey Capital and Nomad Capital

Skate (previously Range Protocol)
2 min readSep 12, 2023


Range Protocol is excited to announce the successful closing of a $3.75M seed funding round, co-led by HashKey Capital and Nomad Capital and with participation from Spark Digital Capital, Mirana Ventures, Symbolic Capital, Asymm Ventures, and Comma3 Ventures.

The funds raised will be used to continue building out Range’s all-in-one on-chain asset management platform and to further scale the team and community.

“Range understands that democratization is a core component of decentralized finance, and that this wouldn’t be complete without equal opportunities to trading strategies. As the new financial system continues to grow in the coming years, we believe that Range is well-positioned as the upstream of this value and will help drive systematic trading strategies forward for all.” — HashKey

The major milestone comes in anticipation of several key partnerships, and the launch of new verticals across the DeFi ecosystem.

“We need a professional investment infrastructure platform that can help crypto investors manage their assets in a trustless and professional way. Unlike the traditional finance vintage products like Fidelity and BlackRock, Range is combining the best of both worlds, sophisticated strategies and non-custodian execution.” — Ricky Li, GP of Nomad Capital

Range Protocol at a Glance

Range believes that DeFi will undergo the same transition seen in traditional finance: a wide-scale shift towards public access to advanced trading strategies that were once reserved for a select few.

As DeFi continues to mature, Range levels the playing field between retail investors and professional digital-asset managers by acting as a full DeFi Asset Management platform. We offer on-chain trading infrastructure so that the average DeFi user can get easy access to professional automated trading strategies on-chain to enhance their yield. This includes trading strategies for liquidity provision, derivatives, NFT Finance, and liquid staking derivatives. These are all multi-billion sectors despite being in their early stages and lacking systematic trading strategies for the average user.

Range Protocol is currently available on Ethereum, BSC, Mantle, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

The Path Forward

This investment marks a significant step forward in Range’s goal of becoming an all-in-one on-chain asset management platform. We are incredibly grateful to HashKey Capital, Nomad Capital, and our other investors for their support.

And we’re excited to continue the journey to build out the future of on-chain yield!

Those interested in learning more can check out our website at https://www.rangeprotocol.com/ or by following along on Twitter @Range_Protocol.